hi. i'm vylet pony

name: zelda trixie lulamoon
pronouns: (she/they/it/pony/sea) 

i wrote a song and made a music video called "ANTONYMPH".

antonym + nymph = antonymph.

it's basically implied than an antonymph is somepony who is otherwise shy and reserved, but discovers
that they can break out of their shell and become a social popstar.

(oh, and also the art at the top is made by this really cool artist named blair. you should go check out his work by clicking right here >> blairvonglitter <<)

if you want to leave comments and likes (or dislikes, i dont care) you can click the title of the video
to view it on youtube, or you can click this link right here >> ANTONYMPH MUSIC VIDEO <<

here's who made ANTONYMPH possible:

Written by Vylet Pony, Voreburger, AstroEden, CalamariSpider, Sylver Stripe
Music by Vylet Pony
Vocals by Vylet Pony
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by Vylet Pony
Additional recording by AstroEden
Additional arranging by Voreburger

[Hell yeah’s by: MataSchmata, Voreburger, HomieRicky, RobClemz, Zephlō, Cyeion, Smolschu, Omegacreeper, Caedon, Deselp0, Aqua Grass, Aaron Dee, Sylver Stripe, LeoLeonardoIII, BlackenedBlue, & SnowyBlue]

Album cover by Voreburger
“Flutt-gir-shy” Designed & Conceptualized by Voreburger
Video Created & Directed by Vylet Pony
Graphic and Typographic Design by Vylet Pony
Illustrations by: llustrated & Animated by: Voreburger, MataSchmata, Nootaz, AstroEden, Syrupyyyart, Calamarispider, NekoSnicker, Bunxl, ChibaDeer, Retromochi, CassettePunk, Voidmoth, GalaxySquid, BlairVonGlitter, Hazelnoods, Stereo Flier, Anticularpony, Huffylime, Fizzlesoda, Opossum Stuff, and Wutanimations

Additional Fluttershys by GreenscreenPonies